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DUNKIN DOUGHNUTS, me and my prospect! 2 weeks ago I get a call from a prospect who wants to know more about my opportunity. So me being the kind, handsome, muscular built, Denzel Washington type of guy, explain some things to her over the phone. I felt like, I was being interviewed, when in reality I haven’t worked for anyone in 10years! (Loving every minute of it) So I proceed with answers to her questions. I’m at this point over the phone trying to feel her out, to see if she’s a dud or stud. After all you never know who your next superstar is!!
So finally after being on the phone for about 15 minutes or so, I tell her lets me at Dunkin Doughnuts, for hot coffee, on me. She agreed to it. So it’s a date. We meet the next day, and I brought some information on my company. I could have directed her to my website, but decided not to since she lived 6miles away from me. Any way I met her in Dunkin Doughnuts, very nice lady, and seemed to be motivated to say yes, after all she did make the call.
I of course shook her hand, and introduce my self. So were small talking and then were getting into the why she wanted an in home based business. So I’ve become a great listener and basically let her sell her self on her why. I pulled out the big guns (sales material fro...

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