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The Scam issue has reared it's ugly head again, There is a program out there right now that I firmly believe is a scam.  It has all the classic earmarks of a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme yet people believe in it and will argue with you even when the evidence from Agencies such as the FTC and SEC are presented to them.  Why are they so convinced it is for real?  Even one of their own reps states "A free program like this cannot last forever."


There is a reason people get duped by scams like this one.  It's called the "Fig Leaf" concept.  Most of us are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve ran around naked as jaybirds in the garden until the serpent convinced Eve to eat the apple.  Eve then convinced Adam to do the same thing and they immediately realized...they were naked.  The next time God came to the garden they hid, because they realized they were naked.  They then came before him using fig leaves to cover up their "naughty bits".  This is the same principle with a scam.  The scammers uses the same tactic (Fig leaf) to cover up the naughty bits of the scam and give it respectability.


Fig leaves can take any form when dealing with a scam. 

1.The scammer may partner with a respectable industry or company, using the respectibility of that entity to cover the scam.  Because there ...

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