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A thought to ponder today, what are you going to achieve with your business day.

We can separate our Time into Categories with Business Time.

  • Productive Time
  • Unproductive Tasks

Goals to achieve today..............This Month..................Next 6 Months, then you can go to 5-year plan....................10-year plan.

With you being in an environment that is Eternally Evolving, are you in a situation where your focus fizzles, what do I mean 

You Attention are taken away from where it should be.  Your goals diminish; you do not see them and become over weighed with everyone wanting your attention.

If you do not know what you are trying to do, SPECIFICALLY, be worried.

Therefore, Lets look at Productive Tasks!

Everyone will have a different way of looking at productive time, eternally the definition I am meaning here being productive is time used to Create, Make, moving forward in your goals.  This could even be developing a system to save time!  This could be writing an article, as the result is exposure for your business and you!  Seek skills you require & leverage ones you ...

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