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Black friday, that first shopping day of the christmas season.  This year the name is quite appropriate.  Over the years I've seen a few things on Black fFriday that have convinced me to sit it out.

It's as if people are no longer people but more like the modern zombie or vampire portrayed in movies like I am Legend or 28 Days Later.  Wild uncontrollable animals bent on getting their hands on the best bargains and who cares who gets hurt. 

I've seen a normally prim and proper little lady bloody the nose of a big burly give that lloked like a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys.  I seen little old ladies come to blows over the last Barbie Dream house on the shelf.  I've seen normally safe drivers turn a parking lot into a demolition derby trying to get to the empty parking space first. 

I've also joked in the past that K-mart and WalMart workers should receive hazardous duty pay for working on this one day of the year.  This year it was not a joke.  A 34 year old WalMart worker died this morning from being trampled by rabid shoppers.  3 others were injured and a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital for observation.


Which makes me want to take a big club and just go around and knock some sense into people's heads.  Was that discount r...

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