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As we all know that Social Networking is the Norm these days,

and people from all over the world are joining these Networks by

the hordes, but my concern is, are we protected from predators?

Are our children protected?

I am a mom and grandmother, and always fear for the safety

of children. I do not upload any pictures of my grandchildren

on the Internet, because I do not know who, what, where, and

when these pictures will be viewed, downloaded, uploaded or

misused by someone.

Saftey is a huge issue these days, especially where children

are concerned. Once something is posted online, it can be accessible

forever. Even if you delete something, anything you post could be “cached”

or stored by search engines.


If you don’t want to share information with the world, don’t put it on a public

Web site. If it’s something that you absolutely don’t want to share, don’t even

post it on a private profile or send it via e-mail.

In addition to what you post, be aware of what others are posting about you.

Always use discretion when posting something about you on your profile,

uploading videos, and  images that you don't want other's to see, make ...

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