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There are lots of opportunities on making money online, without struggling yourself  to start a business online and pay taxes while you cannot afford. Let me tell you some tips on earnings some money online so you can pay some of your bills using Google Adsense.

1. Build your website

If you already have basic programming language you could build a website on your own, but if not you could install a simple blog on your remote. You could use blogger and import a domain, or just buy a wordpress theme and pay someone to install it on your host.

2. Write Content

This is the most important. Lots of people struggle to find keywords that pay lots of money. But I advice to do what you like or you best know leaving apart these kind of methods. Here below some of the tips for gaining organic traffic from search engines:

  • Write original content
  • Write long (over  10 000 words) articles as you have a better chance to get listed on top ten search results (e.g Wikipedia articles come always first)
  • Make updates 
  • Pay attention to meta tags( Google gets your meta data and displays them on search results)
  • For long articles put your adsense code  on the middle or bottom of the article
3. Marketing

I never liked paid advertising but some times it is useful. If you already have  a blog  and  have written some articles you ...

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