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I am a breast friend. I have had breast cancer since 1995. I was only 39 when I was told I had stage II breast cancer. I have had quite a few set backs in my journey with this diease. I now have stage IV breast cancer after finding it in my lliver and bones. The good news is I an still here and doing very well. I was one of first people to go on the drug Herceptin after it was approved for the public. I have had over 500 treatment of Herceptin to date. Herpcetin is for people with HER2. It is a protein that the cancer feeds on to make this a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I am thankful for such a drug to control and stop the cancer from growing. I am aslo a very firm believer in vitamins to help the body stay in good health to help fight this diease. The body is like an optimized website.that needs all the right components to work right. I truly believe that vitamins are one of the main keywords. A good attitude is a must. A strong stubborn streak such as mine that finally paid off. When the doctors told me I was going to die I said "I DON't THINK SO." i still have to many things to do before I leave this world. We can get through a lot if we put our minds to it. Be pro active in all your decisions. Don't believe everthing your doctors tell you. If I did I would not be here today writing this. Knowledge is POWER. If you can help some else get through this horrible diease then lend a helping hand. We are all scared of the word CANCER. Help ease that f...

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