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Online business networking works if done properly. However, the effects of sloppy or improperly executed online business networking can be devastating. There are several ways to make sure your online business networking efforts are a hit instead of a miss. By following a few simple tips, you can be well on your way to making valuable contacts and forming beneficial, lasting relationships.

Spam Sucks

Nobody likes spam and that includes those involved in business networking. They are actually more likely to be sensitive to any appearance of spam or blatant advertising than the average internet user because they face a constant barrage of not-so-cleverly disguised advertising and marketing messages. Do not use any online business networking platform as an advertising venue. You are there to develop relationships, not sell products or services.

Add Some Value

When using online networking resources such as social networks, forums, etc., remember that you are judged first and foremost by what you bring to the table. Make sure you contribute relevant, useful information and resources the...

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