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I thought this would be a good topic.  I know people who do buy leads and well they are successful but the investment that they put in to get a return, well it just does not seem to be worth it to me.  In the past I have bought leads too and nothing really came of it.  It was a complete waste of time and money.

First let me say that the "leads" I bought were double opt in qualified leads.  Supposedly when you think about the implication, these leads should be money in the bank right?  After these leads have opted into being a lead twice and also someone has spoken to them about a home-based business (In the case of the ones I bought, specifically qualified for home based business!)  So after all that they really should have been ready to sign up or at least just need the tiniest of pushes.

But that is not the way it worked out.  Name addresses and phone numbers right there in my hands and I would call them.  Supposedly they were expecting the call so it seemed funny that These "leads" did not know anything about getting a call, would not return calls and never return e-mails.  But after speaking to enough folks I found out what was happening.

When I first got on the internet all those flashing banners caught me, I admit it.  And when you click that flashing banner got got taking to an offer, probably several offers to get through ...

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