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When you hear the phrase "Identity theft" are you like the majority of people and automatically think about your bank accounts and credit cards?  You probably are.  You are also confusing Credit Fraud with Identity Theft.  Most Credit Fraud cases are Identity Theft but not all Identity theft cases are credit fraud.

Credit Fraud or Financial Identity theft only accounts for about 30% of reported identity theft cases. The other 70 percent can take the forms of Driver's License, Social Security, Medical and Criminal Identity theft.  For now I want to talk about the Criminal type of Identity theft. Before It tell you just how devasting it can be, tell me tell you just how easily it can happen.

Criminal Identity theft will strike out of the blue often with no warning.  Unless the criminal charges originate from writing hot checks, the criminal activity will not trigger activity on your credit report. So credit monitoring is absolutely no help in most cases.  What happens is the thief commits a crime in your name.  When that thief blows off the court date the judge will issue a warrant for the person scheduled to appear.  Since the thief has used your information, guess who the warrant is issued for?  Now you are a wanted person by virtue of that warrant.

When the police pul...

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