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Hey Gang,

I know I am about to relate to everyone in the industry here. We all have been there. We have our list of names we have generated and then comes the moment. You lock yourself in a room that's quiet and there is the 1000 lbs of phone just sitting there.

You get hungry at that moment so you decide to get something to eat. You come back to the room, lock the door again and begin to sweat. You didn't think it would be that hard to pick up a phone and call a lead. You pick up the phone and call your best friend and talk for a half hour; All the while, getting further and further from your goal. Your sweating profusely.

See folks, you're not the only ones that went through that as I did too. What do you do to get over the so called "Pucker Factor" of calling someone to either talk to them about your business opportunity or to find out what they are looking for out of life.

Action always overcomes fear. I have this little voice in the back of my head that I have trained and trained well. Whenever I fear doing something, that voice says, "Just Do It". When you do that thing that you are afraid of, three things happen.

  1. You overcome the fear of doing whatever was making you pucker.
  2. You earn your own respect.
  3. You get ...

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