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Everyone of us has heard the saying that "The Money's In The List". But is it? If all you needed was the ability to put your message out to thousands of people and the law of numbers would inevitably mean that you would make sales, recruit new members into your business, then why don't safelists and e-mail 'blasters' make all their members rich? Why doesn't 'spamming' work? Why do people lose money from leads they have bought that have already said they are interested in a  home based business?

The reason is actually quite simple. There is NO money in a list. Let me repeat. There is NO money in a list.

The money is in the relationship you have with the people on your list. And you don't have a relationship with people in any of the lists above. I actually wrote an article discussing the topic of money and lists a while ago.

So how about the people who've actually taken the time to join your list? You've created a good product, you've given it away as an incentive to get people to opt in to your list, surely these people have a relationship with you? Surely you can make money from them.

Wrong again. There is no relationship at all. Relationships don't happen instantly. They take time. They require work. I've signed up to a lot of lists in order to get products/training that wou...

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