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Everyone and everything goes through a period of growing pains, including online networks.  At the moment 2.0 is going through a period of adjustment as we update the site and work out the bugs.  There will be adjustment and issues that arise, after all we are a very new site.  The intent is and always will be to make this site a great place where you can come to make friends and contacts and promote your businesses and opportunities in a spam free environment.

There are other networks out there, some of them are nothing but spam farms.  We do not want to see that happen here.  At the same time we do not want the Admin team to come off as APSense Storm Troopers simply deleting posts left and right.  You may see that there is a comment on a post you made asking that it be moved to the Marketplace.  We are not being rude, we are simply making you aware that the post needs to be placed in the correct area.  We ask that you do not take it personally as it is not meant personally.

The  Marketplace was just updated at the beginning of the week to cover all areas, this change is what prompted the admins to leave the messages about moving posts to the Marketplace.The Marketplace now has areas to accomodate the posts that were not there before this week. Another change you will notice is that topics has been renamed as Articles and in the description of articles it clearly says n...

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