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What currency is your payment prosessor using?

You will find many people telling you to do your  Due Dilligence when considering  joining a program. but one thing that is consistantly over looked is  what currency unit the program is using.

Is it a REAL Currency or something the program owners dreamed up.

In most cases the currency the program refers to will be US$ or in some cases Euro's. However if they refer to xyz$ (xyz often being the name of the program) then they are referring to a fictitious currency which the program owner can change the value of at any time they feel like it.

Lets use my favoutite  fictisious example - MyScam.

So MyScam starts up a payment prosessor program called MyScamPay.

They are not, and have no intention of  coming under the banking laws of any land so instead of holding your money in a real currency they use a fictisious one they make up. They will say that  $1 MyScamPay Dollar is worth  US$1.

So when you deposit hard currency funds of say US$100 they actually show up in your account as $100

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