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If you have children, you know that when they whine we sometimes try and tune them out.  But eventually if you're a softy like my wife and I were, they eventually get our attention. We are long past the stage of small children.  In fact our son is 22 years old (not a whiner, thank God).

In the sales profession I have come across people who profess to be professionals but they are really whiners.  Don't you just love a whining adult.  It doesn't matter how much an adult whines in the professional world, most often they don't get what they want.  We're into this thing called work.  Those who work hard and smart generally get what they are after.  Those who whine because they have chosen not to work hard and smart most often find something else to whine about.

Babies get what they want because they can't get it for themselves.  But as soon as they learn how to get what they want for themselves they are expected to get it and not whine to others until they get it.  It is hard to imagine grown adults whining but it's true.  They really haven't grown up yet and they haven't figured out that nobody is going to make things different for them but them.

In this tough season we all have to choose to work hard and smart or choose to whine.

What will you do?

Ced Reynolds

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