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In off-line networking we see this daily.  The members who are involved and actively helping others to grow their businesses are the ones the members think to pass business on to.  Those members who are hanging around simply to see what they can get are the ones who will tell you that networking organizations don't work.  The organizations don't work for them because they are like leeches simply trying to get what they can.

A very good graphic analogy of the concept is the clenched fist and the open palm.  Pick up a handful of anything at all make sure you fill your hand full of whatever it is.  Now try to pick up something else without dropping anything else already in your hand.  Next to impossible isn't it.  That's the taker.  Constantly trying to put everything in his hand without letting go of anything.

Now if you were to take that handful of whatever and pass it to a friend, you could easily pick up other things.  That's the giver.  Not trying to hold on to everything but to share what he has with others.  Unfortunately the tendency for most is to hold on to the little they have with an iron grip while better things just pass right by them.  Then they complain that they are not getting their fair share.

It's almost Halloween all the Christmas hype will arrive soon.  For some reason we get bombarded with the Giving philosophy during the Christmas season and the rest of the year it...

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