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Being sold yourself is of great importance when we utilize social networking in business. There is an acronym that says, "iasm stands for I am sold myself" In fact I think this is true about anything we hope to share with others.

If you can ever get excited about something, getting excited about helping people attain their goals should be high on the list. Our enthusiasm just spills onto people and is very contagious. Can you imagine an unenthusiastic person trying to offer help to somebody? The person with enthusiasm has a tremendous advantage.

One thing I must tell you is we ought not be fooled about enthusiasm. Everybody shows it in a different way but no matter how it is shown it is contagious. I have come across people who were not so overt but they expressed a degree of enthusiasm that just captivated my attention. Then I have come across people who are were extremely bubbly but they really didn't convey they were genuinely enthusiastic. Enthusiasm comes from the core of our being. It is not something we can fake for long. For me I have to be able to say "I am sold myself."

I want...

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