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I tend to divide identity theft resources into two groups. There are the educational resources and the informational resources. Each resource fills a different need.

Educational Resources

Right now most people are still at a loss when it comes to identity theft. They either think it is something that can't happen to them or they think it only affects their money. The truth is it can happen to anyone and your money is the least of your worries. This is a big issue for me because knowing how it effects you can help you recognize the signs and to correctly identify your issues. Correcting your credit really won't help with the outstanding warrant, it needs to be dealt with differently. But if you don't understand that false warrants are a possibility you will not look for it.

Informational Resources

Informational resources can be instrumental in helping you discover the possibility of being a victim. In the US most states now have some sort of notification law requiring a business to contact you when they discover a breach. The problem is they may not include you in the group whose information is lost or the criteria they use to determine who needs to be notified may leave you out. By using informational resources, you will know when a business or agency you have dealt with has a breach. So even if they don't notify you, you can take steps to protect yourself. Some of the better resources out there...

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