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I was checking in on a couple of my other networks and got the biggest laugh I've had in a long time.  The "Romeo" Scammers are being placed in the hall of shame very publicly.  They are very busy over there on this network.  To give you an idea of what these scammers are trying I got the following message three times yesterday from three different people

"hiiiiiiiiii u looks so pretty babe . tell me ur yahoo or msn so we can add eachothers and talk . iam waiting ur mail babe ..."

You would think they would at least send something different.  Well several women had visited the profiles and added one word to the comments section


So it looks like the old "Romance" scam has finally worn a bit thin, at least where we ladies are concerned.  I don't know if you guys are still falling for it or not!  I find it quite satisfying that at least one type of scam is on it's last legs.  Or at least until the scammers learn the basics of grammar and punctuation!

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