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While I am Very active online, my business is more of a Belly to belly endeavor.  It takes getting in front of people either one or one or in front of a group.  I just finished putting the finishing touch on a new marketing project with representatives of several businesses that are security based.

We sat down and hashed out how we could all take our prospecting and sales and take them to the next level.  We came up with an idea that Several people do but in our case it's the same thing on steroids.  We have formed a group that is basically going to handle the security needs of a business from A to Z.  We each are writing a mission statement explaining what we can do and how it fits the needs of a business.  After all of the mission statements are done we will be creating a brochure outlining the needs of a business and how each of us can fill a different area.  I know it still sounds like something you've heard before.

Here's where the steroids kick in.  How many business owners can actually identify each and every one of their security Issues   Now they don't have to.  We will be putting together a basic security chart that addresses each issue.  Each participating company/person will have their information in the chart along with what they do.  As we all finish our portion of the security process, we will then set the appointment for the next person on the chart to come in.   No more guesswork for the business owner.

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