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As we approach Thanksgiving I have been thinking about what I'm really thankful for.  Of course I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my health, my well being and most definitely my relationship with the Lord.  As I pondered all that I am thankful for I thought about those I work with.  Without them business would be so much more challenging. 


*the people who work in the various offices who serve our business because they make my transactions go smoothly

*my fellow sales personnel because they keep me motivated to do my best

*the vendors we work with because they provide services and products to make my job easier

*the salespeople who give me referrals because they help me help more clients

*the salespeople I am able to help because they allow me to sow positivity into their lives

*my clients because they help me stay gainfully employed while allowing me to help them meet their needs

*APSense because it's given me a neat platform to make connections with some really neat people

*You, just because I can be

Take a moment and tell us who you are thankful for...

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