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I am from INDIA and I want to share with you a life style free from drugs and hospital. Yes I mean it. You can live on earth for a long period with better health, without illness and cheerful life with the help of YOGA.
I hope you are familiar with this INDIAN word YOGA.
In you daily life you spent only few Minuit's and you will feel a change in your life. Here I am giving you seven steps for better health.
Yes with the help of these 7 steps, any person who have any illness can feel a change in his body. He will feel better from the first day.

Before I explain these 7steps please note that you should start these steps with empty stomach. You can do it after 5 hours from your meal or dinner. Be sure to get free from pressure of toilet.
These steps are simple and any person from child to old person of 100 can do it.
Here are the steps starts.
You can sit on floor on a blanket with a lotus position of your legs or you can sit on a armless chair. OK?
In Indian language these steps call as  Read more: Ashok - 7 easy steps for better health!!!

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