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Now that you have your own domain name, and your own website, complete with hosting, the next thing you need to do is get people to actually see it. It doesn't really matter how good it is otherwise does it? So how does a newbie, with little or no experience, and even less money, go about driving traffic to their newly created website. Pretty much you're looking at using either 'free' or 'paid' methods. Free Obviously the best kind of traffic there is! Even better if you can get free and 'targeted' together. While that may seem like a tall order, and initially you may be thinking that any traffic will do, actually getting targeted traffic is a lot easier than you might think, and is definitely a lot easier than the untargeted variety. Untargeted - traffic exchanges/safelists. These can generate some powerful numbers to your website, but hardly any of them will be interested in what you're offering. Their interest is in earning enough credtis so they can have more people visit their site. So unless you're offering a way for them to do that more easily, then your message probably isn't going to interest them. Targeted - article marketing/social networking/blogging - these types of activities are much more suited to bringing you folks who are interested in what you are offering. If you're offering a service on SEO for example, then submit some articles to, put in some valuable information and tips that folks can use to increase the SEO value of t...

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