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I spent the past weekend at a convention in Las Vegas for my business.  One of the nice things about our conventions is the amount of personal development training we get.  While it's given to help us improve in our business much of it can be applied to life in general.

One of the things we covered this time was "compounded interest".  This is the philosophy of doing little things today that will bear fruit over time.  This works wonders with personal development.just changing one small thing today and doing it consistently until it becomes habit will change the person you are a month from now. 

One of my things is to increase my vocabulary.  I've started my change by actually picking up the thesaurus and taking the time to learn one group of synonyms at a time.  While this doesn't seem like anything major it helps down the line with blogging since I have a higher volume of words to choose from.  I've also made it a goal to try to meet one new person per day.  How many new friends could I have over time.

It's not much in and of itself but over time the "compounded interest" pays off.  So just choose one thing to do each day and do it religiously.  The compounded interest will pay off in the long run.

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