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Spent most of my life in British Columbia, one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, where people from all over the world come to visit, and stay, and enjoy its beauty, and where rare or unknown animals live and reside, such as the Spirit Bear aka Kermode Bear which I have seen personally, only found in British Columbia, aka B.C. also where many lakes, rivers, and glaciers and whales in the Pacific Ocean and around Vancouver Island where I now reside, have lived in different communities and towns within B.C.

To view some sites of where I now live and parts of B.C.

Spent most of my youth in a small town, Houston, B.C. where I learned the lumber industry and then heavy equipment, and wilderness living. Great places to hunt and fish, and the sites are memorable for a lifetime, then travelled to other towns and cities to further my work history. I have dealt with the public most of my life, from working for the town of Houston, some of the many jobs I have accomplished are: school bus driver, taxi driver, heavy equipment of all types, from road graders to truck driver, to digging graves and burying friends to snow plowing during the winter, worked in too many industries and capacities to name them all here.

I hope you enjoy reading this, have a great day.

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