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    Well here we are a day away from Thanksgiving in

the USA. Which means that most of us are going to be

cooking and eating turkey(poor things) and all of our pets

are going to be giving us those long looks, like where is

mine. At one point in my life, I had a cat that wouldn't

eat anything, so I tried Turkey and she ate it just fine.

Well I went and told the vet, and she told me not to feed

pets turkey, not because it is poisoness, but evidently it

is very hard for animals to digest. Could give them a

stomach ache, or worse diarehea. And it wouldn't be much

fun to have a sick cat or dog on Thanksgiving Day.
    So try to have some dog biscuits or cat treats

ready for those great pets, so that they don't feel left

out. They will enjoy those as much as a slice of turkey. I

am sure most of the rest of the dinner probably isn't the

best thing to give the dogs and cats. Better just to stick

to what they are used to.
    Everyone including all dogs and cats have a

special Thanksgiving.

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