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OK, every once in a while it is a good thing to be lucky.  But it is a much better thing to be good at social networking than rely on luck.  An approach that is consistent and genuinely beneficial for the parties involved is a much better way to network.

Networking does come fairly easy to some. But to most it is a learned skill.  I must say it a skill that takes continual learning.  It is not that the game is changing so much.  The key is we have to continue to learn to keep reminded and further sharpen our networking skills.

1. Learning helps us gain knowledge we do not have about social  networking.

2. Learning helps us regain knowledge we have forgotten about social networking.

3. Learning helps us stay sharp in areas we need to be the best social networkers we can be.

4. Learning increases our confidence regarding social networking.

5. Learning keeps us humble regarding our social networking skills.

Get good at social networking.  Being lucky is just not

By becoming a good social networker you can assure yourself that the relationships you build will be genuine.  The more genuine relationships we develop, the more opportunity we will have to get our message out. 

Special Note:  When relationships are developed properly, the peopl...

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