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I think perhaps a bit more "education" is in order. We still do not seem to have all the members on the same page when it comes to spam.  So lets try this again.

First of all I hate spam in all of it's many forms.  I don't even eat spam.  So this is one of my major pet peeves, lets see if we can totally clear up the cobwebs.  Let me start with sharing a bit from a member that sent me a private message this morning.

"I was wondering what was going on with apsense 1.0. I would put in some new blogs,and had no visiters to the new blogs,which I thought was kind of strange,because I usually would get visitors,then I found out about this."

So what did happen to 1.0?  It became a big bloated spam farm. All of us as members must shoulder our share of the blame.  It was a gradual thing, it did not happen overnight.  What happened was this members began posting ads.  Some of those ads were well thought out, the presentation of a problem and then the presentation of a solution.  We members topped those ads, nothing wrong with that.  However members then began posting blatant spam ads and members went around topping those too.  What happened was that it made the spammers more prolific.  The serious networkers saw what was happening and bailed!  Other than a handful of die-hards  1.0 is only visited by the spammers who sign on drop some spam and disappear w...

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