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Hundreds of thousands of programs, opportunities, tools, ebooks, resources, software packages, virtually whatever else you could possible conceive of and MORE.

With all the time I've spent online assessing all this menagerie, it seems so strikingly clear that the one thing the average 'internet marketer' wants above everything else is a simple program they can easily plud into and, through some miraculous metamorphic phenomenon somehow escape their current reality to become some instant millionaire!

You've seen all the hype.  You read all the promises of easy riches, no need to lift a finger, spend any money of heaven foribd, think for yourself....Good Grief!

Somehow, being the stubborn ignoramous I am, I had hoped you expected a little more than this.  True enough, a good business person KNOWS they must give people what they want, but do you really want me to assume you have absolutely no creativity in your soul to express and no imagination to speak of 

is it your earnest desire that I should tell you exactly what you need in your business....or in your very life.  That I should tell you where to go and how to get there! 

For the love of everything good, pure and worthwhile in this miserable petty little existaince, I sure hope not..........but hey, I can relate with the whole issue to some extent. ...

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