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Gone are the days of paid hostings, domain registrations, buying e-books, paying to learn internet marketing 'secrets'. For that matter, even there is no need at all to know the basics of HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Now everybody can have a website or blog - free, of course! All this has been possible due to innovative minds. Hats off to them. All you have to do is to have a content - a unique one - and take up the only task of attracting traffic because your website is one of the millions floating around. Plus free stuff for design, traffic etc. You need not be an expert but it would be a pity if your command over the language is poor or you are not communicative. You can write your own story or autobiography. You can describe the struggles you went through all your life. In a nutshell, you can pour out.

Some of the hosting sites started attracting people with free websites like Yahoo's GeoCities, Tripod, BraveNet etc. But the problem with some of them is that not all allow you to monetize your site with Google AdSense or allow you to link to other domains. One of the best resources where you overcome all such problems and also do affiliate marketing is Squidoo.

In Squidoo, your page is called a 'lens'. You can make a lens on any subject under any category. Go to Squidoo and register. Be ready with a title for your lens and a brief introduction and you are ready. Save and publish. You can edit and save various add-ons as per your...

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