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When it comes to talking about the obvious, sometimes we do everything we can not to be the one who brings it up.  Why is that?  In business it's customary that professionals disclose everything necessary that pertains to a transaction.  That should be a given.  But sometimes we overlook stating the obvious for two reasons. 

Fear is a big factor why we fail to talk about the elephant in the room.  When we at the close of a tough transaction that has had a lot of complications who wants to bring up a potential deal breaking detail.  Fear will cause us to do the wrong thing that leads to a more trouble than we can ever imagine.  Talk about the elephant.

Inexperience just comes with the territory.  When we are inexperienced we tend to hope others take the lead. Well inexperience only lasts for so long.  Take the initiative and talk about the elephant.

A small elephant has become a big elephant in the last several years.  It is identity theft coverage.  We have clients who have just made the biggest purchase of their lives and their personal non-public information has been exposed to more people than they could imagine.  This is a big elephant that needs to be talked about. 

One last thing.  What do you do when you don't know what to say about the...

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