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Hello everyone. Good to be back..for the time being. lol Anyway, I have talked about protein shakes, and water and such, i want to mention about Juicers!

They are the best investment for your health. Te beverage industry has bombarded us with so many juice drinks that are suppossed to be healthy, and natural for you and some do say what they mean, but nothing, and I mean nothing can be more natural than juice that you have just produced with your juicer! (Say that ten times fast)

Its not processed, no chemicals or anything, just select what fruit you want to place in the juicer, turn on, and drink. I usually do this after I workout to replenish the vital nutrients that I may have sweated out during my workout. Some days I do it and hour before so I can get that natural boost of energy. Either way you slice it (get it slice it? Juicer? Yeahhhhhhhhhh, ok) you get what you need. All natural, and healthy. You can find in bookstores in the health section books that are about recipes for juicers, or go online and google juicer recipes.

If anyone wants I can send them recipes that I have from my Immunity Booster book. The section on fruits, each one has a recipe for a smoothie or a juice drink.

To Happy and Healthy juicing!!!!!

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