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In May of 2004, I had the misfortune of suffering with a broken foot. There sat the computer staring at me so I signed up for the internet. First it was games and finding some fun things to do. I took some surveys where one could say they were interested in an on line business. Wow, I could "fire the boss". Look at all the money I could make without even working or leaving home. What great fortune was ahead? So this green horn decides to dive right in and fall for every bit of hype out there. I'm here to protect our Seniors on line from falling for all the empty promises. My "Mentoring" page on Panda Picks-Seniors On The Internet starts like this. "So you want to set up a business on the internet Here’s a little reality that you should read at least once a week while building your business." Four simple reality statements follow. It's blunt but I speak from experience. Go here to read the article: What reality have you come to discover?

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