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   This is about 3 little starving kittens that I rescued.

I have found through experience, what little kittens need to eat in their early days. I rescued some kittens whose mother was all but starved to death and so she did not have much milk to nurse them. She, fortunately was a good hunter so she had a little to eat. And she would bring the kittens dead birds etc.
   So I started to go over there, to feed both the kittens and the momma cat, hoping to catch her before she had more kittens. So I fed them all, 3 kittens and 1 momma kitty, and finally scooped up the kittens and brought them home. If nothing else, I wanted to tame them, get them some shots and have them fixed.
   The little kittens were also starved to death and ate like maniacs. But even with the food I gave them, they never did grow a lot and they had terrible diarehea for six months. I had them wormed etc. I just  think that since they did not get the correct nutrients in the beginning, that their digestive tracts were all messed up. I tried every kind of food with them, even cooked chicken for them and nothing worked. I did find some dry cat food that was for sensitive stomachs, and it  worked pretty well. They are all right now, no diarehea. But they still are very small.
   So it is really important for the mother cat or dog, to have good food throughout the pregnancy. My opinion is to j...

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