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We've all heard it on TV or seen an ad online about making tens of thousands of dollars online in your spare time, just 2-3 hours a day can make you a millionaire.  You hear stories of the single mother who quit both jobs and is now able to make all of this money for simple, easy to do work.  Or the Lawyer who just got out of law school who is now bringing in 6 figures a month with little to no effort....then, here it comes......they ask for your credit card number to pay a small fee of $150+ for something you're not even sure what you're buying.  Now don't get me wrong, it IS very possible to make good money working from home, but it will be more than just 2 hours a day.  It will also take some time, depending on which way suits you better.  If this article I will go over the various ways to make money at home.  I will also go into more detail on the scams to avoid and how to "check out" a company.    


Business Opportunities  

This is the most common and recognized way to make money at home.  We've all heard of Mary Kay, Tupperware, Avon, Herbalife and the like.  These companies are categorized several different ways.  Network Marketing, Home Party Plans, Direct Sales, etc.  Usually there is a small fee to sign up, some companies have you purchase a "starter pack" that comes with everything you'd need to...

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