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My mind can't help but wonder what all the people who are unemployed will do with the job market being so tight.  Then I began to think of the people close to me who have lost jobs.  They are looking feverishly for gainful employment and many of them are having a tough time.

The thought came to me that the more eyes that are looking the better their chances are.  I have a young friend who is 27 years old. He got his first job while he was in college at an engineering firm.  He was an up and coming star in the company.  Then the economy took a nose dive and the company had to lay him off.  Now he is looking for work and having a tough time.  So I thought I would put some feelers out for him.  He's now getting a few calls from lead sources other than the ones he's drummed up himself.

Here's the point of my article today.  Can you think about somebody you know who is looking for work so I can keep my ears and eyes open to help them.  Not only will I be keeping my ears and eyes open I am going to get some of the friends in my network to do the same.  I believe these are the kids of things we have to do to beat the odds of the down turn in the economy.  It's when we pull together to help others that makes life and adventure rather than an atrocity.

Here's a plan.  Just list something like this at the bottom of your blog.  "I have a friend who is a civil engineer a...

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